Kiersten Hallie Krum 
Frequently Sarcy. Fiendishly Witty.   

Welcome to the website of Kiersten Hallie Krum, writer of smart, sharp, and sexy romantic suspense novels. Her completed novel CATCH ME is the winner of the 2012 Emily Award and took third place in the 2012 Launching A Star contest.

Not content writing only novels, Kiersten feeds her pop culture jones writing recaps of genre television shows for Entertainment Weekly's Community Blog and at where she also reviews romantic suspense novels. On Mondays, she climbs into bed with and other times can be found mulling over things on both sides of the border on

Kiersten's novels feature quick-witted and deeply flawed heroines who tussle with ridiculously capable and regularly aggravating heroes as they rush into trouble and dodge the bad guys. Look, when you vow to be Wonder Woman at age six and then fall for Han Solo as an eight-year-old, one way or another, kick-ass women and smart-ass men are your inevitable future. 

Every woman deserves to be the hero of her own story and to find a love the bards themselves would sing about.

Even if it winds up being slightly off key.