Kiersten Hallie Krum

Smart, Sharp, & Sexy Romantic Suspense


Welcome to the official website of Kiersten Hallie Krum, author of smart, sharp, & sexy romantic suspense novels.

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STARRED REVIEW from Library Journal

"Supersensual and suspenseful, Krum’s (“Castle Haven” series) book has a lot to offer as part of this inventive series. Besides hot sex between two characters with plenty of chemistry, there is a deeper story here, with serious moments touching on PTSD and suicide that add more bite than your typical romantic suspense fare."

 "The whole book slides down like a tasty pina colada while you sit by the beach. So sweet and tasty you’ve slurped the whole thing before you know what happened."

Heroes and Heartbreakers

"Highly entertaining, fast-paced, and sexy romance. 5 stars, and it’s going on my best reads of 2016 list."

​​—Straight Shootin' Book Reviews