Kiersten Hallie Krum 
Smart, Sharp & Sexy Romantic Suspense  
About Kiersten

Kiersten Hallie Krum writes smart, sharp & sexy romantic suspense novels. She is delighted to announce that her completed manuscript CATCH ME is the winner of the 2012 Emily Award and a finalist in the 2012 Launching a Star contest.

Kiersten has a BA in English and History, including a year's study of Celtic History at Oxford University, and an MS in Publishing. She has worked as an intern in regional theater, spent several years in advertising and promotion in the book publishing industry, and currently toils in pharmaceutical advertising.

A born and bred Jersey girl with all of the attitude and little of the accent, Kiersten lives with two cats, which, for the record, is yet three shy of Crazy Cat Lady status. Music is always around her; she is the person who sings behind you in line at the register. Be thankful she's in tune.  She likes to spray whipped cream straight into her mouth, has a fondness for hard cider and driving fast with the windows down (though not both together), and may someday rule the world - or at least one of her own making.