Kiersten Hallie Krum 
Smart, Sharp & Sexy Romantic Suspense  

Hello there!
Welcome to the official site for Kiersten Hallie Krum, romantic suspense writer of  stories about quick-witted, self-rescuing heroines and the clever, capable heroes who fall for them. OK, actually, I write about deeply flawed women with massive trust issues who have a thing for bad boys and a knack for getting into trouble. Naturally, they meet their match in the sexy, dangerous men who take them on who are usually on some kind of mission with no time for or interest in falling for the mouthy women who have really screwed up the day even if those same women do get them hotter than Gordon Ramsey's kitchen.

Commence action, witty repartee, and sexy, sexy times.
Oh, and bad guys try to kill them along the way. As they do.

Feel free to explore the site and send a tweet, post, or email for a chat. For a larger bite of Kiersten's distinctive voice, visit Two Left Shoes. Why two left shoes?

There's nothing at all interesting about two right ones.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy!