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Library Journal
"Super sensual and suspenseful, Krum’s book has a lot to offer as part of this inventive series. Besides hot sex between two characters with plenty of chemistry, there is a deeper story here, with serious moments touching on PTSD and suicide that add more bite than your typical romantic suspense fare."

InD'Tale Magazine and finalist for their prestigious RONE award
"In a sizzling hot, burn-the-pages romance, this story grabs the reader from page one!  The chemistry between the characters is palpable as they struggle to understand the past and forge a future—whether together or separate...If one likes a steaming hot, yet slightly gritty love story, this one is top-notch!"

"What a ride! Wild on the Rocks is a fast-paced, smart-mouthed adventure and I loved every second of it!"
USA Today bestseller Megan Crane, author of Edge of Power and

 Devil’s Own

 "The whole book slides down like a tasty pina colada while you sit by the beach. So sweet and tasty you’ve slurped the whole thing before you know what happened."
Heroes and Heartbreakers

"Highly entertaining, fast-paced, and sexy romance. 5 stars, and it’s going on my best reads of 2016 list."
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Kiersten Hallie Krum

Smart, Sharp, & Sexy Romantic Suspense

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Winner of the 2017 Reward Of Novel Excellence (RONE) Award for

Best Romantic Suspense: Short

from InD'Tale Magazine!


Wild on the Road
Driven by wanderlust and insatiable curiosity, Quinn Forrester views every new gig for her mixologist business as another chance for adventure. Until the night she wanders down the wrong hallway and witnesses a mob murder. After a week on the run, lack of funds and few options land Quinn in Barefoot Bay where she takes a job tending bar at the swanky Casa Blanca Resort & Spa…and hopes no wise guys show up to make her sleep with the fishes. But nothing whacks a low profile like having your Navy SEAL ex-husband walk through the door—especially when he’s the love of your life you left behind.

Wild on the Beach
Discovering his restless ex-wife at Casa Blanca—and still going by his name—is enough to drive Lieutenant Commander Jasper McQueen wild. When she ran out on their marriage, Quinn left him a broken man. Now with his career in jeopardy and his sexy ex-wife at hand, Jasper is ready to chuck responsibility and submerse himself in a hedonistic affair—all sex, zero emotions—with the woman he won’t forgive and can never forget. And this time, when they’re done, it’ll be Jasper who does the leaving.

Wild on the Rocks
But a mob enforcer has tracked Quinn to Barefoot Bay. With her days numbered, Jasper may be her only shot at living through the night—if Quinn can get him to believe in her one last time.

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Wild on the Rocks